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Our homeless neighbors are individuals, and each has his or her own story of homelessness. Some have been homeless only a short time. Some are homeless most of the time. All people who are homeless have to struggle to survive from one day to the next. These are stories of success on the path out of homelessness.

Bernard & Oreoplease read this story¬†about a homeless man’s concern for his dog, Oreo, written by Maureen Gilmer in the Indy Star.

Living under a bridge –¬†This was Mac’s home for the past 6 months; outreach checked on him during bitter cold & saw signs of frostbite; they brought him in to be seen by the Eskenazi Health Pedigo health center at HH & to take a shower. Outreach offered the chance for him to go to a rehab facility to make a big change in his life. They told him they could take him immediately & that it was a great opportunity if he just said YES. After some discussion & nervous moments, Mac agreed! Now he is overcoming a barrier that has kept him on the streets. Best of luck to Mac!

Mr. Jones was so excited yesterday. It was not only his birthday but also the day he received a card & photos from his daughters who he has not seen in 10 years. You could just see the joy on his face. Mr. Jones had lost touch with his daughters but had left a message for them to call him at HH. Just recently they left a message back for him & now they are happily reconnected.

It’s official! Congrats to Alex got her official diploma & passed w/very high scores. She is now working on getting into the WorkOne Logistics Training Course & finding a great job. For passing her high school equivalency test, her mom got her a necklace with 3 words – Wish (to wish on a star) Dream (to make your dreams come true) & Inspire (to inspire others). We know she will do all of those!

Worth repeating – we received this comment recently, “You Rock Horizon House! You saved my dad’s life and for that, I will be forever grateful!” We are so honored to have helped.

Matter of life & death. Outreach is taking supplies to camps right now so homeless neighbors have enough blankets, thermal socks, gloves, etc. to make it through these cold temps. Even bringing bottled water because existing supply at camps are frozen. Trying our best to encourage folks to go to shelters but if not, we want them to be well prepared & safe.