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Since March 2011, SORRT has coordinated efforts of serveral professional outreach teams to better address the needs of unsheltered individuals referred by IMPD, hospitals, and other organizations in the City. SORRT engages with homeless neighbors wherever they are in need of assistance: in camps, under bridges, in the woods or in emergency rooms.

The goal of SORRT is to connect chronically homeless individuals to the proper services rather than the standard cycle of jail and emergency medical services.

SORRT works to build trusting relationships with neighbors living on the streets, linking them to services and resources that will empower them to end their own homelessness.  Outreach team members provide neighbors with life-sustaining supplies such as blankets, water, food and clothing, while working to build a trusting relationship that allows our neighbors to feel comfortable coming into Horizon House and accessing services.

Through assessment and intensive case management services, SORRT has been instrumental in connecting neighbors to primary medical care and mental health and/or substance abuse services, achieving improved outcomes for neighbors while reducing the use of public resources.

SORRT also provides an 800 number for police and emergency medical services to call for a trained homeless service professional to come and work on connecting homeless individuals to the proper services to end their cycle of homelessness.

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Burgess, Program Manager, at 317-423-8909, x377 or email at [email protected].