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We believe in treating each person individually and holistically, working with them to identify their unique strengths, resources and values, then helping them develop their plan for overcoming barriers to finding housing for themselves and their families.

TRIAGE TEAM:  The engagement process facilitated by the Triage Team and Guest Service Associates (GSA’s), often opens the door to a neighbor’s involvement beyond utilizing basic services.  The intake process ensures comprehensive assessment to identify appropriate short-term & long-term interventions.  The Triage Team offers same day meetings to make immediate referrals for shelter or housing, medical care, mental health care, legal and vocational services. Additionally, the Triage Team uses same day appointments with clients to address their need to secure personal identification documents, clothing and transportation.

EMPLOYMENT TRAINING:  Opportunity Knocks (OK) provides neighbors with the chance to pursue their educational and employment goals in an atmosphere that promotes professionalism and learning. Job readiness training assists neighbors in setting attainable vocational goals and learning the skills needed to obtain employment including filling out applications, creating a resume, practicing interviewing skills, managing stress and conducting a succesful job search. The computer lab is available on a daily basis, providing resources and assistance that allow neighbors to participate in job search activities that are increasingly dependent on internet connectivity. OK also provides ongoing support through Vocational Case Management services that have proven to be critical in helping individuals build community connections, earn training certifications and achieve success in securing and retaining jobs that lead to long-term self-sufficiency.

HOUSING RELOCATION & SUPPORT PROGRAM:  Horizon House neighbors who are ready to secure stable housign and become self-sufficient have the opportunity to engage with Intensive Case Management services to develop a personalized, goal-oriented plan that addresses their barriers while building on their unique strengths. As part of the planning process, case managers help to identify housing resources that best meet each individual’s needs.  Neighbors work with their case managers to create a goal plan that may help repair damaged credit, coordinate medical and/or mental health services, and address transportation barriers.  All plans include strategies for connecting the neighbor with community resources to help ensure long-term stability after their transition from the Housing Relocation & Support Program.

OUTREACH:  Horizon House conducts street outreach two days each week with a team of trained professionals who work to gradually build trusting relationships with neighbors living on the street, linking them to key services.  Because of complex personal histories and a variety of individual barriers, it may take many outreach contacts before the neighbor pursues services within the organization.