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Could you imagine making the decision that Tonya had to make?  Stay in an abusive relationship or become homeless.

On this particular day, Tonya had reached her limit. She left with nothing and nowhere to go. She was so afraid and anxious wondering if she had done the right thing leaving the known for the unknown. It was on that day Tonya came through our doors. Staff immediately felt compelled to help this woman who was so vulnerable.

Our staff immediately recognized Tonya’s desire for a new life so enrolled her in our Jobs Readiness Training program. When she heard staff talk about a Culinary Arts program, she knew this was her calling.

Employment staff assisted Tonya with getting into the program – a dream that was now possible to believe in after all Tonya had been through. During her training, Tonya came to Horizon House to utilize the computer lab and get Case Management support from our staff.

With two weeks to go in the training program, Tonya experienced a set back. She was dealing with many new things at once – school, a temporary job and family issues. As when Tonya was dealing with an abusive relationship, she self-medicated with alcohol. So too in this situation, she relapsed, going on a three day binge.

Although Tonya was ashamed and afraid, she did come back to Horizon House. Courageously, she went to staff and acknowledged her relapse, apologized and asked for assistance to go back
into a rehabilitation center. She would not be sidetracked by her addiction again.

Tonya had two weeks secured in a treatment center but felt she
needed more time. Staff engaged The Indian Creek Church to see if they may help. Indeed, they generously funded extra recovery time so Tonya took time away from her Culinary Arts program to address her addiction, hopefully,  once and for all.

Staff were so impressed with her will and desire to do
what she needed to do to ensure her future success.
You couldn’t help but pull for her.

You will be happy to know that Tonya finished the last weeks of her chef training and graduated. She is looking for a career in her profession and the future looks very bright.

Staff say of Tonya, “She is just a wonderful human being. No matter what is going on in her life, she always smiles and has the determination to see it through. We are hoping she finds her dream job, her own home and a new life.”

We hope you are as proud of how far Tonya has come as we are, but there is also more to do. You can support Tonya the rest of the way. Will you donate to help us assist Tonya with securing employment, housing, and working through challenges of her new life? We invite you to walk alongside Tonya as we are.

As you can imagine, there are more Tonyas out there escaping abusive relationships to possible homeless situations all alone but they don’t have to be. Horizon House is ready with Case Management and multiple services. The help you offer today provides that self-sufficiency for Tonya and others tomorrow.

Take a moment to click on the Donate above to the right and make a donation to Horizon House and all the neighbors in our community that need some assistance to reach their dream. Women like Tonya can’t wait.