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Thank you for reading Tonya’s story from the information sent by mail. Please find out more by reading our Update on Tonya below.

We are very proud of Tonya and her efforts to overcome her current situation.

Our staff grew to love Tonya and cared very much about her success. Here she is pictured with Employment Specialist, Robert and Case Manager, Lindsey. Robert helped Tonya with finding what she truly wanted to do from an employment standpoint. It was an opportunity to dream a little bigger. At first, Tonya talked about doing housecleaning. When Robert mentioned the Culinary Arts training program, Tonya’s eyes lit up. She has always loved to cook and to be able to do it as a career was an exciting option.

Case Manager, Lindsey, worked with Tonya on getting into a treatment program after Tonya relapsed back into alcohol addiction. Lindsey was so impressed that Tonya came to each staff member and apologized for going missing and acknowledged she had gone back to alcohol as a way to cope. After two weeks in recovery, Tonya was very concerned that she would need more time to address her addiction. Luckily, The Creek church stepped up to pay for an additional month for Tonya to fully heal. This was a turning point as Tonya not only had the opportunity to fully conquer her addiction and know the triggers and how to deal with those but also the chance to finish the Culinary Arts program she had started.

Happily, Tonya was able to finish the last two weeks of the chef training class and graduate!

After graduation, Tonya came back to update her resume and start job searching. Meanwhile, she participated in Mock Interviews conducted by Woodforest National Bank.

In addition, Employment Services Coordinator, Carol, presented Tonya with a professional portfolio to use on her interviews.

The happiest news we heard was that Tonya had gone on an interview for a chef position. She knew the hiring organization was checking her background and references. Last Friday we learned the news that Tonya had gotten the job! We were thrilled! Employment Specialist, Robert came by to say, “I just have to tell someone this. Tonya told me she got the job. Knowing how hard she worked and all she had been through, it became an emotional moment. I’m just so happy for her.”

So what is next for Tonya? We will continue working with her on issues like Financial Literacy and housing. Once she establishes an income, she can work with Case Manager, Lindsey on getting an apartment and learn all she needs to know to make sure to keep her housing. In addition, Tonya would like to seek counseling for the abuse she endured so she never finds herself in the same situation again.

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Thank you for sharing in Tonya’s story.

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Next: Watch for a video of Tonya along with input from Case Manager, Lindsey and Employment Specialist, Robert.