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Street Outreach Program

The goal of the Street Outreach Team is to engage and provide comprehensive coordinated services to individuals experiencing homelessness in the City of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana

  • The Street Outreach Team works to function in a street and community capacity; and, utilizes various modes of transportation such as walking bicycling, and driving and outreach van to initiate contact with individuals experiencing homelessness.
  • The Street Outreach Team works to implement effective engagement strategies in a street outreach setting; distribute material accommodations, such as hygiene items, water, food, and blankets; provide service coordination, such as emergency shelter, medical/mental health, and substance abuse treatment.
  • The Street Outreach Team works to establish a “low to no” threshold for service coordination with the intention of connecting individuals with supportive services and resources that meet individualized needs.
  •  The Street Outreach Team works to provide assessment and intensive case management services by completing Coordinated Entry System (CES) housing assessments for the purpose of preparing pathways for housing stability.
  • The Street Outreach Team works within a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency team approach to support collaborative street outreach practices.
  • For all Street Outreach-related inquiries, please email Felix at [email protected]
  • The Street Outreach Team works within frameworks that support best practices and professional standards, such as the harm reduction model, strengths-based and person-centered approaches.
  • The Street Outreach Team works in conjunction with the Professional Blended Street Outreach (PBSO) Team, a collaborative consortium of 20 homeless service provider organizations. PBSO is designed to support the impactful street outreach work with effective communication/coordination effort that maximize community resources and safeguard outreach capacity.