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Peer Support Specialist Story

I personally have no frame of reference for what HH was like before the peer support program was in place. I can imagine it was already a great establishment, able to help people change their lives and give them hope moving forward. PSS just added another layer to the care provided. This particular position seems to take advantage of an opportune window to have the types of conversations that we do. If people have physically brought themselves to our location, then there is already a willingness and a want to take action. I cannot help but think that being here would put someone in a mindset where they are ready to move forward and make things happen. 

I am consistently surprised at how often a conversation can help someone realize there are certain steps they could be taking, things they could have in the works, or even things that they are eligible for. Sometimes these talks are as simple as helping with forming a plan of action, but other times they can end up being extremely in-depth and seemingly therapeutic (which goes both ways).  The weekly peer support group plays a large role in the way that I think peer support affects the community here at Horizon House. So many different perspectives and walks of life are put on level ground, and there is so much mutual respect and understanding in these meetings. I look forward to this every week, and as it grows, I think that some of the neighbors do as well. Although hard for me to imagine Horizon House without PSS, I feel that it must be a great addition to this positive and hopeful institution that I am grateful to be a part of.