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Other Ways to Donate

Street Outreach Survival Kits

Our Street outreach team needs survival kits for our most in-need neighbors on the streets. You can purchase and package these kits for our outreach program:

  • 1 Storage Bag
  • Protein (Vienna Sausages, Tuna, etc.)
  • Granola Bar
  • Fruit Cup
  • Bottle of Water

Laundry Basket Move-In Kits

View the SKUs / full item names that are purchasable at Walmart here.

Themed Product Drives

We always have much needed items. If you, or a group you know might be interested in hosting a product drive the items below are some potential items that would benefit us the most. 

Special Events

Have a special event coming up, or want to get your youth in Sunday School involved? What about making “In lieu of” gifts for birthdays, weddings, etc.?

Or Come Participate in One of Our Events!

If you would rather come out and volunteer we offer plenty of opportunities to do so. For more information, our Volunteer Coordinator, Cassidy Zehnder can be reached at (317) 396-6369 or [email protected]