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Other Ways to Donate

Street Outreach Survival Kits

Our Street outreach team needs survival kits for our most in-need neighbors on the streets. You can purchase and package these kits for our outreach program:

  • 1 Storage Bag
  • Protein (Vienna Sausages, Tuna, etc.)
  • Granola Bar
  • Fruit Cup
  • Bottle of Water

Laundry Basket Move-In Kits

View the SKUs / full item names that are purchasable at Walmart here.

Themed Product Drives

We always have much needed items. If you, or a group you know might be interested in hosting a product drive the items below are some potential items that would benefit us the most. 

Special Events

Have a special event coming up, or want to get your youth in Sunday School involved? What about making “In lieu of” gifts for birthdays, weddings, etc.?