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Neighbor Stories


Lamont was born in 1968 and grew up in Indianapolis, living in different homes through the years. All of them were around The Meadows neighborhood. From the 1940s to the early 1960s the neighborhood was considered a highly desirable community in which to live. Check out the rest of Lamont's story with the link below. Read the rest of Lamont's story here.



"I first met Stacey when her daughter was only a year old. They were living mostly on the streets, with friends or acquaintances, or sleeping in libraries and emergency rooms for safety. Stacey and her daughter had to use the bus system to access anywhere they needed to be, which required bus fare or bus passes from someone." Read the rest of Stacey's story here.



“I got shot several years ago. I became addicted to pain killers and then heroin. Because of my addiction, I lost my children and I have been in jail,” she said. “I got clean while I was in jail. I have been out for three weeks, but I had nowhere to sleep. I have walked around, slept in abandoned houses, and have prayed that I would not use drugs again.” Read the rest of Madison's story here.


Tyree has been coming to Horizon House since 2017. He describes it as a place where he can take care of himself. When he has money, he gets an apartment or rents a room. When there is no money, Horizon House is where he can “go to take care of himself.” Read more of his story here.


"Horizon House saved my life in 1995." Read Rick's story and hear it in his own words here.