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Neighbor Story: Waymon

Wayman was addicted to drugs and alcohol, leading him to a life of crime and landing him in jail.  He spent years in and out of jail, each time out finding himself homeless and alone. Wayman found it hard to get a job because of his criminal background, so he went back to using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain he was feeling. No one would show him what to do to get out of this vicious cycle.

It wasn’t until someone at a men’s shelter told him about Horizon House.  When he arrived to Horizon House, Wayman was pretty much too himself, he considered himself “shy.” One day he decided to meet with an Assessment Specialist, Erin, who recommended him for our workforce development/RISE lab for job opportunities.  Wayman got to the lab and just sat there, not knowing what to do. Until one of our Peer Support Specialists, Asha, asked him, “How are you?” Wayman broke down in tears—crying uncontrollably. He said, “I started crying because I was embarrassed…embarrassed because here I was trying to get help while I was still high and using drugs.” Wayman immediately found a support system at Horizon House and in Asha.

Wayman still meets with Asha, and other Peer Support Specialists at Horizon House to stay sober and talk about his feelings.  Wayman said, “It means a lot to me to have the support at Horizon House to see me through my recovery.”  Asha was the “icebreaker” to get him to talk about his feelings and open up—he feels more comfortable now.

Today, Wayman has a good job, a new car, attends church regularly, and is now looking for a new apartment.  He said, “If it wasn’t for Horizon House I would still be getting high, have nowhere to take a shower, do my laundry, get my mail or get a meal… being out and having a clear mind is the best high I could ever have.”

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