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Neighbor Story: Tyree

“If you want to get your life together, you can come to Horizon House.”

Tyree has been coming to Horizon House since 2017. He describes it as a place where he can take care of himself. When he has money, he gets an apartment or rents a room. When there is no money, Horizon House is where he can “go to take care of himself.” He found out about the services from someone else on the streets. He utilizes the phone, mail service, showers, and basic food. He has met with a Case Manager to work on getting his ID replaced.

As we were speaking, someone outside tried to steal his bike. He saw them, ran after them, and was able to retrieve it. Despite the challenges of the cold nights, always being on alert, and his ever-changing circumstances – Tyree posed with his bike for this photo. He was prepared to move on with the day, looking forward to warmer temperatures in the afternoon and having a hopeful spirit.

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