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A neighbor came up to one of the members of our Horizon House Director Team so filled with joy that she was singing.

She asked, “Can I share my story with you?”

They responded, “Of course!”

There were incredibly excited to hear what she was so happy about.

“I got shot several years ago. I became addicted to pain killers and then heroin. Because of my addiction, I lost my children and I have been in jail,” she said. “I got clean while I was in jail. I have been out for three weeks, but I had nowhere to sleep. I have walked around, slept in abandoned houses, and have prayed that I would not use drugs again.”

She came to Horizon House for the very first time that day.

“They helped me find a safe place to go to and sleep. They said I can stay there while I get my life back,” she said. “I am coming back next week and I am ready to let them help me find a job. I am also going to go to the recovery support group that they told me about. My life is going to get better now and I am going to get my children back!”