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Neighbor successes inspire us all. There are so many obstacles that neighbors must overcome to obtain self-sufficiency. It starts with having a place like Horizon House to take showers, do laundry, receive appropriate clothing for employment and more.

Darla entered our Job Readiness Training program and was very skeptical about her chances of getting a job and obtaining self-sufficiency. She had been homeless on and off for a number of years. In addition, she had lived in different parts of the country while homeless so her work history was spotty. However, staff found Darla to be an enthusiastic learner and to be gaining excitement about the possibility of employment and what that would mean in her life.

After completing Job Readiness Training, Darla experienced a major setback. She was in a bicycle accident that prevented her from seeking employment for a few months. While disappointing, she took the time to heal and then resumed her job search. To her amazement, Darla landed a warehouse position and was very excited about the opportunity.

Darla successfully obtained a job in a warehouse which eventually led towards having housing, transportation and more.

As Darla began her new job, staff did not see her for a few months, until one day, she came in smiling ear to ear. Not only was Darla doing great at her new company but she also was able to re-obtain her driver’s license, which had lapsed, and proudly displayed keys to a truck. Additionally, Darla secured housing located near her new employer.

In addition, Darla was doing so well on the job that she was now training new employees and soon will be eligible for a cash bonus for having perfect attendance. Our employment staff acknowledged that Darla had done all the hard work in her success. They were honored to have played a part by creating her resume, helping to build confidence in her abilities and assisting her in presenting herself as an asset to her new employer.

Darla is flourishing and in control of her life again.

Congratulations to Darla for all she has accomplished!

You can help neighbors like Darla reach similar success by donating to Horizon House to support our key programs like Job Readiness Training, or consider volunteering to help neighbors in the employment lab who may need assistance with navigating the web. The Job Readiness Training program also needs some specific items to help job candidates such as:

  • Flashdrives with small amount of storage
  • 5×7 notebooks
  • Black pens
  • Day time calendars or planners
  • 3×5 color index cards
  • Poster size notepads that stick to walls for training exercises
  • Highlighters
  • Color printing paper for employment announcements
  • Wallets – new or gently used
  • Women’s & men’s black casual dress pants
  • Women’s & men’s black casual shoes
  • Women’s business casual dress tunic tops in 1X, 2X, 3X
  • Men’s belts
  • Men’s polo shirts in XL, XXL
  • $5 Hardees gift cards to be used for incentives

Please help those who are seeking to gain employment and reach long-term self-sufficiency like Darla.