Basic and Engagement Services

Basic services address the critical need for personal wellness by meeting an individual’s requirements for shelter, nutrition, and hygiene. These services help individuals maintain a sense of dignity, as well as provide a foundation from which to address long-term goals.

Horizon House offers an atmosphere in which neighbors can seek refuge from the elements, access laundry and shower facilities, and obtain nutrition, among other available services and resources. At Horizon House, neighbors have the opportunity to receive mail, allowing them receive important documents, and stay connected with family and friends. Open access to the phone also keeps neighbors in contact with potential employers and other critical resources to secure stable and adequate income necessary to achieve permanent self-sufficiency. 

List of Basic & Engagement Services Offered

  • Hospitality/Safe Haven
  • Basic Hygiene & Survival Supplies
  • Restrooms and Showers
  • Laundry
  • Haircuts
  • Daily Meals
  • Mail Delivery
  • Property Storage
  • Telephones/Voicemail Services
  • Neighbors Can Use Address